Public Events Co-Sponsored by the AACC during 2001

  • NASDAQ: Listing of Latin American Companies, January 23rd, 2001.
    By: Doreen Barr Davis, Vice President, NASDAQ International.
  • Buenos Aires Province Infrastructure Plan, January 31st, 2001.
    By: Ambassador Diego Guelar, Secretaria de Relaciones Economicas Internacionales.
  • Speaker: His excellency Adalberto Rodriguez Giavarini, February 7th, 2001.
    Adalberto Rodriguez Giavarini, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Argentina: New Game, New Players, April 6, 2001.
    Amer Bisat, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter
    José Luis Daza, Deutsche Bank Alex Brown
    Geoffrey Dennis, Salomon Smith Barney Holidays, Inc.
    Riordan Roett, Johns Hopkins University
  • Her excellency Patricia Bullrich, April 10, 2001.
    By: Patricia Bullrich, Ministry of Labor
  • His excellency Dr. Carlos F. Ruckauf, April 17, 2001.
    By: Dr. Carlos F. Ruckauf, Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires
  • 2000-2001 Americas Award to Mario Vargas Llosa by The Americas Foundation, April 19, 2001.
    In association with:
    the Colombian American Association,
    Ecuadorian American Association,
    United States Mexico Chamber of Commerce and
    Venezuelan American Association of the U.S.
  • Argentina’s Economic Situation and Perspectives, April 26, 2001.
    Alberto Ades, Goldman, Sachs & Co.
    David Malpass, Bear Stearns & Co., Inc
    David Sekiguchi, Deutsche Bank Alex Brown
  • Regional Challenges & Opportunities for Latin America in the context of Globalization, May 9, 2001.
    In association with:
    the Colombian American Association,
    Ecuadorian American Association,
    North American-Chilean Chamber of Commerce and
    Venezuelan American Association of the U.S.
  • Critical Forces Driving Risks and Returns in Latin America, May 17, 2001.
    In association with: LatinSource
    Invited Speakers:
    Pedro Lacoste, Affonso Celso Pastore, Murillo de Aragao, Andres Velasco, Alberto Carrasquilla, Gustavo Arteta, Jonathan Heath, Guillermo Chapman, Fritz Du Bois and Ruth de Krivoy.
  • The Current Socio-Political Situation in Argentina, May 31, 2001.
    By: Manuel Mora y Araujo, President Ipsos – Mora y Araujo
  • Endeavor Entrepreneurial Leadership Forum, June 4, 2001.
    Forum Panel Discussion about The Venture Investing Environmental Today, Building Successful Alliances with the Fortune 500 and M&A as an Exit Strategy
  • Conference on Investing in the Americas, October 1-3, 2001.
    In association with: IVP’s and Latin Summit & ExpoAmericas
    Invited Speakers:
    Vicente Fox, President of Mexico;
    Ricardo Lagos Escobar, President of Chile;
    Enrique Iglesias, President Inter-American Development Bank;
    Luis Alberto Lacalle, Former President of Uruguay;
    Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada, Fromer President of Bolivia;
    Juan Carlos Wasmosy, Former President of Paraguay;
    Carlos Bastos, Minister of Infrastructure of Argentina; among others.
  • The Annual “Meet Your International Business Partner”, October 2, 2001.
    In association with the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce. Network reception for NY’s international business community.
  • Argentina’s Economic Outlook within the Present Global Crisis, October 11, 2001.
    By: Steve Hanke, President, Toronto Trust Argentina and Chairman of the Friedberg Mercantile Group, Inc. New York.
  • Argentina and Brazil: Managing Economic and Political Uncertainties, October 31, 2001.
    Paulo Vieira Da Cunha, Lehman Brothers Inc.
    Andres Lederman, Salomon Smith Barney Holdings, Inc.
    Riordan Roett, Johns Hopkins University
  • His Excellency Dr. Fernando De La Rua, November 9, 2001.
    By: Dr. Fernando De La Rua, President of Argentine
  • “Tapas & Tarjetas” Networking Reception, November 29, 2001.
    In association with the Spain-US Chamber of Commerce, the Colombian American Association, the Ecuadorian American Association, the Portuguese-American Association, and the Venezuelan Association in the U.S.
  • His Excellency Ambassador Guillermo Enrique Gonzalez, December 11, 2001.
    Ambassador Guillermo Enrique Gozalez, Ambassador of Argentina to the United States
  • Developments in the Emerging Markets, December 13, 2001.
    Jose Luis Daza, Deustche Bank Alex. Brown
    Ernest “Chip” Brown, Banco Santander Central Hispano
    In association with:
    The North American-Chilean Chamber of Commerce
    The Bolivian-American Chamber of Commerce
    The Colombian American Association
    The Ecuadorian American Association
    The Venezuelan American Association of the United States