Membership Services and Benefits

The AACC enables individuals and companies with interests in Argentina to interact and exchange information on current issues affecting both countries. A vast majority of the members are multinational corporations from both Argentina and the U.S., and the AACC provides the unique opportunity of networking with them on informal basis.
The Chamber’s close contact with Argentinean and U.S. government agencies, chamber of commerce and other organizations of interest to its members makes possible periodical presentations, seminars, and private meetings with public officials and other individuals who are shaping the future of the two countries and who are of interest to AACC’s members.

The AACC is constantly evolving, and welcomes members’ suggestions about new services that can fulfill needs or interests in compliance with its mission.

Current Services Seminars & Workshops

The AACC regularly sponsors seminars and workshops on topics of interest to its members. The program may feature a noted speaker or a round table discussion. In addition, we co-sponsor events with other organizations.

Private Meetings with Government Officials

Whenever possible, the AACC will arrange meetings with visiting officials at member’s requests.


Business Watch: Provides an update of economic and political information on Argentina, such as trade and political information on Argentina, such as trade negotiations, legislation that affects the business between the two countries and political trends.
Argentine-U.S. Business listings: Provides names of American firms, their subsidiaries and affiliates operating in and/or having interests in Argentina.

Press releases: Sent on special occasions to provide timely information on political or economical changes.

Weekly announcements: We send every week highlights of the most important Argentine commercial and economical news.


Held several times a year, they offer members and their guests the opportunity of listening to visiting and local government officials, businessman or other prominent individuals.

Section of Finance and Investment Banking

Launched on October 17, 2000, The Section of Finance and Investment Banking is integrated by Argentine professionals residing in the U.S.A. who work for leading financial institutions.
This Section has actively worked in the creation of new programs to exchange financial and commercial information between Argentina and the U.S.A, as well as committees that will study and analyze different industries. Therefore we will be able to provide you with reports and answer inquiries on the most important industries of your interest both in Argentina and in the U.S.A.

Currently, there are four committees:

Committee for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Committee for Economic Analysis: You will receive on weekly basis a report about the current Argentine Economy from the most relevant Argentine Analysts in Wall Street (working for Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and others).

Committee for Tax Advisors: You will receive on monthly basis a report about tax aspects regarding investments in Argentina.

Infrastructure Committee : This group will analyze all the alternatives to increase investments into the Argentine Infrastructure Industry and to create a Matchmaking Market that will involve all those companies interested in this business sector.